Wednesday, 14 September 2011

Hard times

My apologies dear reader for the lack of posts recently. These are hard times for everyone, and eating out has had to take a back seat to more mundane things, like paying the bills.  Luckily for me things are getting easier so I hope to be posting more reviews soon.
My longing for fine dining and great food has put me in a reflective mood, so i'd like to share some pictures from the finest meal it's ever been my privilege to eat.
If you're ever in Dublin I strongly suggest you try and eat at Thorntons restaurant. It's a one star restaurant offering two star food with three star service. I can't speak highly enough of the place.

                                                  Amuse bouche - Beetroot cured Halibut

                                                          Starter - Scallop three ways
                                              Main - Loin of rabbit, Valhrona chocolate sauce

                        Dessert - Warm Chocolate Fondant with Bergamot Marshmallow and Milk Sorbet (the smiley face on the marshmallow is 100yr old balsamic)